Rawkit Fuel is a Sebastopol-based manufacturer of high-quality organic plant based functional and balancing energy snacks that are high in enzymes, high in micro-nutrients, low in calories, allergen "trigger" free from wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, yeast, sugar, soy and peanut.

Our Body-Happy Ingredients Include:

  • Coconut butter:  A good source of medium chain fatty acids. Whole coconut is high in oil, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.  Naturally healthful!
  • Sprouted Brown Rice Protein: Amino acids are the building blocks to life!
  •  Raw Kit Fuel's sprouted brown rice protein is enzymatically produced and includes all essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Plant based, low carbohydrate and easily digested.
  • Raw Honey: Comprised with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural sugars. Honey has what is considered the golden ration of natural sugars that delivers natural fuel.

Visit us November 13-15 2015 for the Santa Rosa Cup weekend event! Click here for more information.



Dear Angel White,
I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. It has made my life so much easier. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.  After surgery, radiation, and various other treatments, my stomach becomes very upset and painful, when I try to eat “regular” food, (even organic, well prepared meals), but the rawkitfuel balls, don’t give me any stomach problem. As a matter of fact, after eating one, I feel a little better, than I have been feeling. I plan to keep eating these, as I continue to recover.  

Thanks again,